RoundMilDot US/Imperial calculator


Round MilDot calculator allows very fast and accurate target distance measurement.

The Mil Dot range calculator is “A-grade” and is accurate to ca 0.5 %.
This is a US / Imperial version of the calculator: the target size is measured in inches (in) and the range is given in yards (yd).

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The calculator has been designed with target shooting competitions in mind – the target size scale ranges from 4 – 40 inches and on the back side of the calculator are the exact measures of most common targets (IPSC ja IDPA).

For the distance measurement it is only necessary to align the MILs scale with actual target size scale and the distance to target can be seen from the Distance Window.

Size: the diameter of the calculator is 4,53 in (11,5 cm).

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Photos of the calculator at 278 feet, 555 feet, 1111 feet distance and of the back side:

Additional information

Weight 20 g
Dimensions 160 × 160 × 5 mm

plastic (PVC)


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